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About The Summit

Yes We Adopt is proud to present the 2nd Annual Yes We Adopt: Black Voices Amplified Summit. This virtual Summit will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021, 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM EST. The Summit was created to amplify diverse Black voices touched by adoption or foster care. As the African Proverb states “It takes a village to raise a child,” the intent of this virtual event is to enlighten, engage, and empower the community we call the “village.”   In recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM), this event is for adoptees, adoptive parents, birth/first parents, foster parents, prospective adoptive/foster parents, as well as adoption and foster care advocates and professionals. 

We recognize there are various schools of thought on adoption and foster care, however, this Summit will highlight the unique stories of individuals and families who have been touched by either process.  The Summit will also include resources for individuals and families considering adoption or foster care. 

Too often we see adoption stories in the news and media about non-Black families as saviors, sunshine, and rainbows, however, when Black stories are featured, they are negative stories about foster care.  The Summit is here to rewrite the narrative.  Yes, we adopt with trials as well as triumphs!

Event Schedule

November 13, 2021
10:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST

10:30 am EST
Summit Networking

Meet & Greet

Join the summit early for a time to network and meet the village.

11:00 am EST
Opening Remarks

Speaker: Stacey Gatlin, Founder, Yes We Adopt

Welcome to the Black Voices Amplified Summit!

11:15 am EST
Keynote: “The Power of Dignity” 

Speaker: Honorable Victoria Pratt

Hon. Pratt will use her experience in shifting the culture of the justice system to share how the power of dignity elevates humanity for all.
11:30 am EST
Adoptee Voices: Ladies First

Moderator: Tonya Graham

Panelists: Lydia Berkey, Denise DeFoe, LaTika Jeffery, Teisha Miles

This power packed panel will share their journey to embracing their identity, owning their power, and finding strength in their voice while healing.

12:30 PM EST
Unsung: The H.E.R.O. in the Black Adoption Experience

Moderators: Dr. Samantha Coleman & Sandria Washington, Hosts of Black to the Beginning Podcast

Panelists: Raven Curling, Aaron Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Stacey Gatlin

Instead of taking a common approach about what is “wrong” with Black families/adoption, we are going to be more affirming about how H.E.R.O. has impacted us as people“H” is for hope, “E” for efficacy, “R” for resilience, and “O” for optimism.

1:40 PM EST
BREAK: Virtual Networking & Marketplace

No Session At This Time

Break for some virtual networking! Catch up with your network or forge new connections. Visit the marketplace.
1:50 PM EST
Adoptees: In Their Voices

Panelists: Ambition The Poet, Isaac Etter, Tony Hynes, Davon Woods

This distinguished panel will share the trials & triumphs of their adoption journey and how they are rewriting the narrative for the future.

2:50 PM EST
We Are Family: TRA 

Moderator: Ligia Cushman

Panelists: Barry Farmer, Keia Jones-Baldwin, Mik Taylor, Jeena Wilder

Listen as these transracial adoptive families share how they advocate for their family and all foster children.

4:10 PM EST
Closing Remarks

Speaker: Stacey Gatlin


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